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We deliver performances from Japan to your country!

Real or online performances are acceptable!

Whether it's a venue for over 2000 people or a private party for a few dozen, we will always yodel and get the crowd going.

Jodlerin Sakura Kitagawa und die Edelweißmusikanten

A professional orchestra performing folk music from Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

They have performed at various events such as Oktoberfest and theme parks, kindergartens, nursery schools and other educational institutions, commercials, and TV programs.

In 2020, the ensemble has been performing live online, with no delay, in high quality sound, and with a backdrop of an Alpine scene, giving the audience a travel-like experience.

The concerts have also been delivered from online to online and from online to real venues (venue monitors, TVs, projectors, electronic billboards, etc.).

In February 2021, they established an online theater.

The company's motto is "We want everyone from children to grandparents to come here and feel relieved, dream a dream, and have a good time.

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Sakura Kitagawa

Yodeling singer, member of Nikikikai Opera, graduate of Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Voice.

In 2008, she was certified at the highest level (Erste Class) at the Swiss Federal Yodelfest, and has been certified multiple times since then until 2023.

In 2009, she became the first Japanese yodel singer to publish a Swiss yodeling CD in Switzerland, which became a hot topic in the local media.

In 2011, she performed at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, at the Hofbräuhaus with 6,500 people.

She was the first Asian yodel singer to make a guest appearance at the 6,500-person Hofbräuhaus Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany in 2011, and has participated in the festival for three consecutive years since. She also appeared on German TV ZDF.

In Japan, she has appeared on "Ponkickies," "NHK E-television Tenzai Terebikun YOU Yamanomojimon," "NHK E-television Musica Piccolino," "NHK E-television R no Law," "TBS Hanamaru Market," "TBS Sekai Fushigi Hakken," "TBS Job Tune," "docomo distribution Love Song to Yoneda , as well as in Yamaha Music Planning's Hall Family Concerts and Hall Concerts throughout Japan.

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